Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty Box 5 - May

I am late on posting this, but thought I would get it up now before my next box comes. :-)
This is what the box looks like when I first get it.
Inside of the box.

Here is the description card you get with your box. It tells you about everything you get in your box, how much a full thing would cost, and where it is from.

These are the items I got. 

As of right now, I have not actually used these yet. I keep forgetting about them. They are from the same company that I got the samples of nail polish remover from, so I expect to like them as well. I will update once I actually try these out. 

These are oil absorbent towels. Love these! I never thought of using these things in the past, but got to say, they are now on my list. Most of the items that comes in your box will be sample size. If this is a sample size, I'm curious as to how many sheets you get in a full size. There are 50 sheets in this little packet. They work amazingly well. I never realized how oily my skin really is. It did an amazing job of sucking up all my oil. I will be purchasing more of these in the future. 

I am so sorry this picture is so blurry. I couldn't get a better picture. This is the same type of eye powder that I blogged about last month. Its from Brazen. Love it! It goes very well with the shade I got last month and I still have more than enough from last months. :-) 

This is a brush holder that has a suction cup to it and a hook. I do want more of these, but will be waiting till my personal master bathroom is completed. I did a test run of it and it did a pretty good job of suctioning to my dresser lol and stayed there for some time holding one of my eye shadow brushes. 

I've got to say that this item I was the most excited about. It is a full size lip liner in nude. The lid has a sharpener in it. I've used it a couple of items now. I personally am not much on using lip liners, but have been hearing about how using nude lip liner is awesome. I've been itching to try it out for myself. Still not a huge fan lol, but got to say that this brand peeked my interest especially with how the pencil is designed. It went on very easily and stayed on. I don't know if you ever have had the experience that a pencil is too hard and when you are putting it on it feels like you are going to rip your skin or something, well I have and this was nothing like that. Very smooth. Very soft, but not too soft.

I've got to say that so far Beauty Box 5 has not disappointed me. :-)

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